Close to the Machado, the central market, Ley's superstore and numerous Mexican stores and restaurants the apartment building is homey and welcoming. Tenants are very loyal, returning year after year. We are well taken care of by Angel.

Highly recommended.

Greg Gerrard



This Elevator Goes All The Way To The Top

When we decided to spend the winter months in Mazatlan, we were very, very fortunate to discover and find Angel Cruz as a landlord. First and foremost, the apartment was clean from top to bottom. Angel does most of the housekeeping himself and he is a stickler for detail. He also maintains his properties with a meticulous eye for cleanliness. His signature feature is the crown molding on all of the ceilings. His apartments are bright and cheery and you can feel right at home. That is important if you are spending 6 months or more in residence. Angel is not only a responsible individual, but a very attentive landlord. Angel believes that in taking care of his properties, he is also taking care of his tenants. We would recommend Angel as a landlord based on our four years of personal experience and as a person, you could not find someone with more integrity to rent from. Angel is that rare exceptional landlord.

Charlie&Sharl Edwards

Gig Harbor, Washington



I have been renting an apartment in Mazatlan from Angel and Patrick for five years.  Their properties are in the old, colonial center of town and the décor is true to the character of the setting.  My apartment is well maintained and well stocked with the necessary supplies for the person coming with only a suitcase of clothing.  They are friendly landlords who are easy to communicate with, always available and always helpful.  The rates are reasonable and the location is ideal for the person who wants to be close to the city’s cultural activities, bus transportation, great restaurants, the central market and not far from the beach.

Marie Hermanson 



We have had the pleasure of using the services provided by Angel Cruz Cruz over the past 7 years.    It is comforting to know that we can go to an English speaking expert who is very knowledgeable in the immigration laws and the laws pertaining to keeping our vehicle legal in Mexico.    Angel has completed all the paper work and picture taking necessary in order to apply for and/or renew our Visas, previously on an annual basis.    He is very accurate in completing the documentation, without errors or omissions, and explaining every step of the process to us.  He has a great system in place, to notify us of when it is time to go back for finger prints and to pick up the card when it is ready.  Even though we are able to follow this process on a website, all in Spanish, Angel was quick to notify us that it was time to pick up the card.  He often sends out emails at a late hour in the evening, so you know he is working diligently for all of his clients and doesn’t miss any steps.    When we are north of the border during the summer months, if we have any questions or concerns, Angel has answered our emails in a timely manner.    Instead of asking friends what the latest law is regarding immigration or having a vehicle in Mexico, I suggest you use the services of the professional who keeps up to date on the numerous changes that take place.    He always has accurate information and advice.  This certainly helps to eliminate the stress and anxiety that can occur.    Knowing it will be done right the first time is certainly worth the nominal charge.

Happy clients,
Sharon and Marvin Holmes




That Rare Find

When trying to secure your immigration status here in Mazatlan, it is good to know that someone as professional as Angel Cruz is located right next door to the immigration office. Policies and rules are in a constant state of flux. One must read assiduously and study the latest regulations and policy changes so that when submitting your documents, you can do so with confidence.

What Angel does is run the necessary interference to minimize the “got chas” that can lead to one, two, three or more return trips to conclude your business with the staff at Immigration.

Since the recent changes also impact your vehicle, Angel must be multi-dimensional. Angel provides a steady, calm and professional oversight that eliminates the stress and anxiety of  dealing with the Mexican Governmental entities. We have found that for a very nominal and reasonable fee, your application for immigration is transacted with the utmost of care and attention to detail. You will find Angel to be earnest, competent and honest to the core.

Charlie&Sharl Edwards

Gig Harbor, Washington




No Better Man For The Job


          Angel Cruz is the best man for the job. Whether it is dealing with visa’s at immigration or any branch of the Mexican government, Angel steers you in the right direction every time. I could not imagine NOT using Angel for needs like this.

          Angel saves you precious time by knowing what is needed and delivering exactly what the situation calls for. The very nominal fee he charges is by far the best pesos you will ever spend in Mazatlan.

          His work with you doesn’t end when you leave his office. He will remind you when you’re up for renewal so that part of the process is done for you too. Angel is the human post it note.

          As the title says “No better man for the job.” Period.


Lloyd & Nancy Goldstein





I have used Angel Cruz for all my immigration and Aduana needs for several years. He is a friendly, cooperative individual that goes out of his way to be sure I am satisfied with his services. While you may think he only does the paperwork for Immigration and Aduana requirements, he does much more. During the first visit he puts all your information into his secure computer so that he saves you time the next time. Angel makes himself available to email inquiries of individual questions about your immigration and Aduana needs. Once you start the process he explains to you every step of the way, what to do as well as your next step. It is difficult to make a mistake in the process—and Angel guarantees his work. He also takes the time to check the immigration website and email you when it is time to check back to Immigration for the next step in the process. My wife just completed her “Permanente,” and I just renewed my “Immigrante Temporal” for four years, so unfortunately we won’t be using Angel’s services for a while—but I will still need to get Aduana paperwork periodically. It is obvious in all of Angel’s interactions with his clients that he is a professional in all aspects of the process.

Charles A Hall

Author: “Mazatlan IS Paradise”




We have been renting from Angel Cruz for over ten years and have never been disappointed. The apartments are clean, comfortable, and centrally located, everything we needed in a vacation rental. 

John and Joann Ekberg 





I have rented an apartment from Angel for the past four winters. One time a 1 bedroom apt. #5 and the other 3 years it was the studio. I have seen the other 4 apts. and find all of them to be well maintained and nicely decorated.

Being single I prefer the studio, #4 . It is located on the 2nd floor in the middle of the building. It has a nice large window to the south. It is protected by bars and one half slides open should you wish.

I have good lighting in every part of my suite and two large ceiling fans. The suite is roomy and has a small bathroom with a large shower stall. There are two mirrors and a nice sized medicine cabinet plus a large storage area with shelves for extra towels and bedding. It is large enough to store suitcases and clothes. It has a door for privacy and venting to allow moist air from the shower to escape.

The kitchen area is separate and although small contains a four burner gas counter top cooking surface. There is adequate cupboard storage and a nice stock of utensils and dinner ware. Additional appliances are a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator and large water container. There are four double plugs.

The main living area is large enough for two single beds, a large night table, chest of drawers (6), 2 large chairs, a nice large computer desk with a steno chair. There is also a 22 inch Sony flat screen TV with two HDMI ports, 1 USB, a digital (optical) audio out, and component connections as well. There is a wall air conditioner that can be set to various temperatures and 5 double plugs.

The services included with my rent include very good Wi-fi, electricity, gas and water and basic cable. I am only required to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. (Water can be purchased a half block away just around the corner. They will deliver right to the suite. (A tip for this service is appreciated.) There is a washing machine downstairs for 10 pesos per load. Lines are downstairs for drying and up on the sun deck. If you do not wish to bother doing laundry there is a very good laundry 3 blocks away. Take it in the morning before 10 and usually you can pick it up in the afternoon.

The suite has a dead bolt lock as well as the regular door lockset. The outside entrance down stairs onto the street has double doors. Outer set of steel bars and inner set is wood. Also in the small foyer at the foot of the stairs is a small library.

Basic cable is provided. If you wish American channels I believe it is available for an extra charge.

My Landlord , Angel is bilingual and also teaches Spanish at his office which is off site. He has considerable expertise in help with Immigration papers. He is always prompt in solving problems in the building should they arise.

Why do I stay here. Because it is a very clean facility, nicely decorated and cared for but besides that is its location. I am within walking distance of the Ocean, access to Stone Island, the large Juarez market and the beautiful Plazuela Machado as well as every convenience you might need be it a haircut, a massage, optometrists, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, bicycle repair shop, clothing stores, seamstresses cell phone & electronics shops, bakeries and lots of restaurants, small and large, also don’t hesitate to try the food at the numerous street vendors, it is very good. Transportation, be it by Taxi, Pulmonia or Bus is a short (2 or 3 blocks) walk from here. Because it is located about six blocks from the ocean the rent is very reasonable. An extra benefit is you can watch the fabulous sunsets right from the sun deck as well as the fireworks during Carnival.   

Ron, from Saskatchewan, Canada